Everest And Rolwaling

Everest And Rolwaling

Fast facts


  • Everest is also known as Sagarmatha in Nepal and Chomolungma in Tibet; the Everest region is known locally as the Khumbu.
  • Its home to three of the highest peaks in the world: Everest 8848m; Lhotse, 4th highest at 8516m; and Cho Oyu, 6th highest at 8201m
  • The Sherpa people of the Khumbu are so closely associated with the trekking business that the name Sherpa is also given to a specific role on a trekking team
  • Rolwaling means ‘ furrow’ and this wide valley is thought to have been plaughed by the mighty Guru Rimpoche, the second Buddha
  • Rolwaling Himal is home to Tamang, Sherpa, eastern Gurung and the indigenous Thami people
  • While Rolwaling Himal has no formally protected areas it is rich in plant and bird species and wildlife including red panda, black bear and leopard cat!
  • Buddhist culture in the Khumbu, while Rolwaling Himal offers the chance to learn about how Hinduism, Buddhism and Shamanism have blended together over time
  • Mani Rimdu festival after full moon in October is famous in Tengboche but can be experienced in many other places.
  • While this region is famous for its high peaks and its Sherpa inhabitants, just to the south is a wonderful opportunity to swap mountain experience for culture ones.
  • There is a indigenous people’s trail here and you can try to play the Tamang’s ‘Damphoo’, consult a Thami shaman or fish with Majhi peoples and enjoy a fresh fish BBQ on a sandy riverbank.
  • This is also a good place to experience the ‘out of season’ festival of Saune Sakranti (middle of July), Sorha Shradda (middle of September), Janai – Purnima (end of June) and Maghi (middle of February) and Lhosar (Feburary).





This region needs very little introduction, being the most visited trekking region in Nepal. It is of course home to not only the highest peak in the world, Everest 8848m, but also to the 4th highest Lhotse, 8516m and to the 6th highest, Cho Oyu, 8201m.

The Everest region, or the Khumbu as it is locally called, is so well known and visited that it has excellent trekking infrastructure such as lodges where you can even get rooms with attached bathrooms, menus of bewildering variety and lots of company from other trekkers. By comparison, fewer people venture west of the main trails into Rolwaling Himal, so the experience to the immediate west is far more rugged although there are now some tea houses and organised camp sites along the way.

The Everest region is accessible over the high passes from the east or, as it is more generally accessed, from the south by flying or walking in to Lukla. If accessing the area from the eastern side, you must be prepared for the high passes coming out of Makalu region and if you intend to trek west into Rolwaling Himal you must be prepared for serious mountaineering in the infamous Trashi Labsta (5760m). The Rolwaling Himal section of the Great Himalayan Trail is also easily accessible by roads heading north from Kathmandu to Bharabhise, Charikot, or Jiri.

While Everest is renowned for hospitable Sherpa culture, fewer people experience the cultural diversity of the Rowlaling section with the opportunity to meet and learn about Sherpa people outside of Everest, as well as Tamang, eastern Gurung, and the fascinating indigenous Thami culture. Rolwaling, like the other lesser visited areas of Nepal is a brilliant area to see wildlife, including red panda, leopard cat, Himalayan black bear and a multitude of bird species.


GHT Everest & Rolwaling treks


  • Numbur Cheese Circuit (NCC)

Only 100km east from Kathmandu, offers a trekking experience unequalled in Nepal. Sandwiched between the high Himalayan range to the north and the rolling Maharbhata range to the south, trekking in Ramechhap offers magnificent Himalayan panoramas, lush rhododendron forests, and unique cultural experiences. The elevation ranges from 488m at the Sun Kosi River to Numburchuili peak along Everest Himal range at 6959m. Vistas of the rolling foothills dotted with isolated farming communities, rhododendron forests and bamboo groves, all crowned by an array of snow peaks are bound to leave you breathless. The cultural [More...]


  • Rolwaling trek via Tashi Labsta to Lukla

For those who want to get into the mountains but well off the main trails. It’s a fabulous way to arriving in the Everest region, crossing one of the most challenging trekking passes in Nepal. Plenty of lovely villages and a mix of cultures and no crowds. Good for the experience trekker in Nepal. [More...]