Upper Mustang Trekking

Upper Mustang Trekking

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An incredible trek on an ancient trade route through ever changing landscapes to the walled ‘city’ of Lo Manthang. Stunning villages, remote monasteries, a cave village, a ‘reigning’ king in his palace are some of the attractions that make this an incredible place to visit.

It’s worth taking time to read this wonderful article from the ‘Himalayan Travel Mate’. It’s written by Mark Turin, a scholar from Cambridge University who directs the Digital Himalaya Project. It’s a great introduction to the region and it was enough to persuade me I wanted to visit Upper Mustang.

Mustang, lying hidden behind, which in contrast remains arid, hardly touched by the summer monsoon rains. Here is a last living example of pure Tibetan culture. The capital of this spiritual land is Lo Manthang, meaning “The Southern Plains of Aspiration” and here vivid green fields and ochre-daubed monasteries burst out of the barren landscape. Visit this area during the demon – chasing Tiji festival in May for a dazzling culture experience.

For independent trekkers the Annapurnas are by far the most popular and the Annapurna circuit is surely one of the world’s favorite treks- it’s easily accessible, the views are incredible.

The trek can easily be combined with the Annapurna Circuit Trek, however most people arrive at Jomsom by plane so as to spend most of their time in Upper Mustang.

Nature & Climate

Mustang can be best understood as two climate and natural regions: the lower, more fertile valleys and then the upper reaches which stretch all the way to the border with Tibet. The whole district is one of extremes and superlatives. The ancient walking track and trade route takes visitors and locals alike through the world’s deepest and steepest river gorge, that of the fierce Kali Gandaki. Above tower two of the world’s highest mountains: Annapurna I (8,078m) and Dhaulagiri I (8,172m). At one point, the difference between the valley floor and the summits is over 6,000m and the ominous peaks are only 20km apart so that on a clear day, from the villages below, one can see climbers making their approach along the deadly ice falls which have claimed so many lives.

-         Mark Turin


Mustang continues to be a place of deep spirituality and fascination. Beautifully illustrated coffee table books with panoramic photos abound, with such titles as Mustang - the Forbidden ingdom; East of Lo Monthang; Mustang - A Lost Tibetan Kingdom and Himalayan Pilgrimage, each of them extolling the virtues of the area. If you are interested in Buddhist art and culture and want to walk through Himalayan history, Mustang remains the perfect destination. With the Tibetan plateau in your sights and the wind in your hair, it is the trek of a lifetime.


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Fast Facts : 
  • Approx. days: 12-13 days
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Max. Altitude: 4070m
  • Trekking style: Tea-houses (or camping)
  • Who is this trek for?: For the culturally inclined: interested in Buddhist culture, ancient villages surrounded in History and an authentic example of Tibetan village life. The walking is not too difficult. The scenery is breathtaking.
  • Permits: You'll need an ACAP permit, TIMS card, and then the US$500 for 10 days restricted area permit
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